More of Our Board Members

  • Annie DiVello, MS, CCC-SLP

    Co-Owner New England Pediatric Services
    Annie has served on the Board since 2017

    Statement Profession/Employment: Annie DiVello M.S.,CCC-SLP is a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist specialized in the area of Selective Mutism. She co-owns New England Pediatric Services where she provides treatment for individuals with SM. She also serves as the director of the SM clinic at NEPS and leads a parent support group specific to SM.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices):

    Why IMH matters to me: I am passionate about infant mental health as very often the individuals I serve with Selective Mutism also experience anxiety and depression. I am also passionate about raising awareness and connecting families with resources, as I know first hand what a difference supports can make.

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  • Sandy Beaudry, MS

    Sandy has served on the Board since 2004

    Statement Profession/Employment: Sandy is the Program Director, Cross Roads House, Portsmouth, NH.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Sandy serves on the Training and Education Committee. Previously, she served as the Secretary to the Board.

    Why IMH matters to me: "As a family therapist, I believe in ensuring the emotional well-being of children from birth and in providing effective support and education to parents and professionals who make this happen."

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  • Deborah Bradley

    Deborah has served on the Board since 2017

    Statement Profession/Employment: Deb is a Foster Parent Consultant to DCYF with the Parent Partner Program and Recruitment and Retention.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Deb is currently serving on the Training and Education Committee.

    Why IMH matters to me: "As a foster/adoptive parent, it is important to me to have a better understanding of how the infant brain develops and how outside environments and trauma affect infants. I share my experiences and knowledge with others who care for/work with ourchildren and their families. There is a huge mistaken thought in the community that if something happens to an infant it does not stay with them, and I am here to refute that, both by learning and actual experience."

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  • Lisa Couture, BS

    Lisa has served on the Board since 2015

    Statement Profession/Employment: Lisa has a bachelor degree in Child & Family Studies with a minor in Early Childhood Education from Granite State College. She has worked 17 years with Head Start as a classroom teacher, a Disability Content Manager and a Disability/Behavioral HealthContent Manager. Lisa serves on the Coos County Watch Me Grow Advisory Board and the Coos County Material Depression Advisory Board. Lisa has served as the Team Leader for the Coos County Infant Mental Health Regional Team.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Lisa is currently serving on the Community Resource and Information Committee.

    Why IMH matters to me: "I consider a solid foundation of social-emotional skills and regulatory abilities enhance a child's potential to experience positive outcome throughout their live's journey. I believe this foundation begins in the family home."

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  • Kassie Eafrati, MA, NHECFMHC-Intermediate

    Kassie has served on the Board since 2017

    Statement Profession/Employment: Kassie works for Northern Human Services (NHS) as the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program Director, a certified Early Childhood Educator for NHS Family Centered Early Supports and Services, and a credentialed Program Consultant working with the Preschool Technical Assistance Network (PTAN). She has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Child Development. Kassie is also a Trauma Informed Early Childhood Services Highly Qualified Consultant (TIECS-HQC) working with a statewide team.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Kassie currently serves on the Training and Education committee.

    Why IMH matters to me: "Infant Mental Health matters to me because my passion is to help children and families to be successful, functioning, HAPPY members of our communities. This begins and ends with their mental health."

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  • Mary Lavalley

    CLC,FSW,BA ( current NH Educ, K-8, and TIECS, trauma trained, NH DOE Educ. Surrogate)
    Mary has served on the Board since 2017

    Statement Profession/Employment: Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services, Keene, NH

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Knowledge and Education Committee Member

    Why IMH matters to me: I am eager to participate in the planning and facilitation of the diversified realms that NHAIMH sets as critical goals through NHAIMH’s educational outreach to support the intricate growth of the infant-family dyad in NH communities.

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  • Deborah Hirsch, MAEd, MSW

    Deborah has served on the Board since 2001

    Statement Profession/Employment: Deborah's career has spanned three decades plus of work with children and families in home, community, and hospital settings. Much of Deborah's work has focused on the interrelationship of mental and physical health. She has served on transdisciplinary, early intervention teams in two New England states, bringing a family systems perspective to the teams' work.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Deborah is currently serving on the Membership Committee. Previously, she served as co-chair of the Membership Committee.

    Why IMH matters to me: "Our increasingly sophisticated understanding of brain development and neuropsychology makes clear the critical importance of healthy early development and relationships. By promoting awareness and education for families and communities,by encouraging training of professional and paraprofessional providers, and by advocating for sensible public policy, the NHAIMH can contribute significantly to the well-being and achievement of all our children and families."

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  • Eileen Mullen Kennedy, MSW

    Eileen has served on the Board since 2016

    Statement Profession/Employment: Eileen has worked in all areas of child welfare including juvenile justice, child protection, and as the Child Development Bureau Administrator. Currently, she is responsible for education services for children in out of home placement, family anddomestic violence services, foster care and adoption services, and prevention and family support services. Eileen also has responsibility for Interstate Compact on Juveniles, Juvenile Detention monitoring, residential and congregate care services, Substance use Services for children and families involved with DCYF including children affected NAS and perinatal; and neonatal substance exposures.

    Roles on Board (Committees/Offices): Eileen is currently serving as co chair of the Community Resource and Information Committee. Eileen was an original founding member of the Association.

    Why IMH matters to me: "I am a prevention advocate and have spent my professional life supporting children and families and preventing adverse childhood and family experiences. I am an original founding member of the Association and believe passionately those children and families need to be safely supported and nurtured in their own homes and communities whenever possible."

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